Introduction: Batarang With a 3D Printer

First thing to do is open up autodesk inventor.Find a picture of a batarang online to trace. Once you have a picture, upload as a background. To do this, go to Application Options under the tools tab. From there, select the colors tab and go down to background tab and add the background.

Step 1: Start Sketching

Go to file new and create to start. Then click start 2d sketch. Select the XY plane. Use the line and spline tool to sketch half of the outside of the batarang. You can use the smooth tool to edit the spline.

Step 2: Mirror It

Once done sketch half of the outside, draw a line down vertically the middle. Click the mirror tool and select all the lines and then select the vertical line as the mirror line and then mirror it.

Step 3: Extrude It

Once it is mirrored delete the middle line and click finish sketch. Then click the extrude button and adjust the width to how you want it.

Step 4: Add the Curved Edges

Use the chamfer tool to add the curved edges.To get a better look at the object, adjust with the tool at the top right.

Step 5: Print in Makerbot

Go to file and click save as and go to save copy as. Then save as an STL file. Open the file up on maker bot. Keep size or rescale image. Use the buttons on the left to adjust the image. Once you have how you want it print to makerbot