Batch File Maker/Editor.




Introduction: Batch File Maker/Editor.

Pretty much this batch program will give users the option to
- make
- rename
- delete
- view
- combine
All text based files (*.txt *.doc .etc).

Continue To The Next Step For The Script. =)

Step 1:

The Script Is As An Attachment... Instructables Wouldn't Let Me Paste It In For Some Reason :S  
It Does Have 'Created by Jordan Barnes' At The Top Of The Program,
You Can Change It To Whatever You Like,
Edit Any Part Of The Script If You Want With Out My Consent Or Need For Credit.
If You Have Improved It Paste The Script Into The Comments Section, I Would Love To Check It Out =) And After All This Rambling On... GO GET THE SCRIPT!!! (In The Attatchment)

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, it also woks to pass the fact hat we need admin rigths at school to
    make .bat files

    Prof. Pickle
    Prof. Pickle

    10 years ago on Introduction

    Oops. It appears I have copied your idea.

    I had no idea you had made this all ready, do you want me to take my instructable off here.

    I am really truly sorry, I had no idea someone had done this all ready.