Introduction: Batch File Tutorial 1

About: 'Ello. Just a simple batch coder and minecrafter. ;)
This is my first Instructable so cut me some slack this picture thing is confusing. OK so first this is for ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS.
In this tutorial we will be covering 4 commands: @echo off, echo, title, and pause. ( I don't know whats wrong with the pictures please help.

Step 1: Start

Ok to start out make a new folder called Batch inside that make 2 folders, one called Tutorials and one called Pranks. Then open a text editor like notepad or notepad++ (i recommend notepad for beginners, notepad++ s good but has way to many options.) Then type in it:

@echo off
title First Batch File
echo This is my first batch file!

Now if you want to know what these do continue reading if not just go to the next step.

@echo off hides the code from showing up when you run the program
title sets the title on the tab window. this can be anything
echo displays a message this can also be anything
pause displays "Press any key to continue..." and waits until you press a key to do anything else.

Step 2: Saving

Ok to save it go to file save as, then change the name to First-Batch-File.bat (MAKE SURE YOU PUT .BAT)  and save it in your tutorials folder, we will pick up on this next time. (in my picture i have a folder called code notes you can do this if you want.)

Step 3: Extra

If you want you can try something like this:

@echo off
title Pause
echo 1
echo 2
echo 3

see what is does.