Introduction: Batch Files

hello batch file!

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Step 1: Batch Files

this is a batch demos i am creating

first one is a demo/begging code

@echo off
echo warning this game does not contain accurate information about story line/card info as the real series timeout /t 5 echo welcome to yugioh ( experts only ) cls echo pick character

echo 1 (yugi)

echo 2 (kiaba) set/p letter=

if %letter% equ 1 goto yugi

if %letter% equ 2 goto kiaba

if %letter% equ 3 goto name

:yugi title yugi goto mode

:kiaba title kiaba goto mode

:mode echo what would you like to do

echo 1 (story mode)

echo 2 (duel mode)

set/p letter=

if %letter% equ 1 goto start

if %letter% equ 2 goto duel

:duel cls echo choose difficulty

echo 1 easy

echo 2 miedium

set/p letter=

if %letter% equ 1 goto easy

if %letter% equ 2 goto mideium

:easy cls echo you are now playing the opponent on easy for help press 7 at card selection. for info/effect/discripstion on a card press 8 pause cls

echo would you like to go first?

set/p letter=

echo 1= go first

echo 2= go second

if %letter% equ 1 goto hand

:hand echo this is the cards you drew

set/p letter=

echo 1= Frontier wise man (atk/1600) (def/800)

echo 2= Yomi ship atk 300 def 1

echo 3= baby dragon atk 300 de 200

echo 4= blue eyes white dragon atk 3000 def 3000

echo 5 world end (spell card)

echo 6 mystic typhoon (spell card)

if %letter% equ 1 goto frontier wise man

if %letter% equ 2 goto yomi ship

if %letter% equ 3 goto babby dragon

if %letter% equ 4 goto blue eyes white dragon

if %letter% equ 5 goto world end

if %letter% equ 6 goto uneeded

if %letter% equ 7 goto help

if %letter% equ 8 goto info

:help select card to play pause cls goto hand

:info cls plese enter the number of card

set/p letter=

if %letter% equ 1 goto frontier

if %letter% equ 2

if %letter% equ 3

if %letter% equ 4

if %letter% equ 5

if %letter% equ 6

:frontier atk

:opponent turn


echo draw

:start echo would you like to load your game?

echo 1= yes

echo 2= no

set/p letter=

if %letter% equ 1 goto load

if %letter% equ 2 goto story

:load cls

< savegame.txt (

set /p name=

set/p score=


this is my first section there my be multiple lines of code all in one i wrote this at 2:11 am