Introduction: Batch Notepad

I made this notepad thing because .. well. I had nothing to do.
i know you can get the dos editing thing but i still wanted to make my own version.

all it does is lets you name and make a file.
thats about it lol.

please tell me if you find any bugs..

also ask :
For a more up to date bug free version of this. . . . Thanks erikals =D

And please comment.

Step 1: How You Name Your File

The first thing you can do is name it .. so I'll so you how that works...

it asks you to name your file eg. hello.txt , .bat whatever and then once you have named it lets say .. hello.txt it changes the title to 'hello.txt - iRule Notepad' and it also changes the bit thats always at the top .. so now when you edit the text it will save it as 'hello.txt'

all i used to so this was:

set /p name=">"
title %name% - iRule Notepad

and thats all it took!

Step 2: Adding Text

The next thing you can do it add text ... to do this you just type '123loltestwhatever' whatever you want and it will make a file called 'whatever you named it' then to add a new line you press enter as many times as you want although you cannot use the symbols < > | because they are used for batch commands it is annoying when say your making a .bat file and you want 'echo 123>123.bat' but you will have to find a way around that.

to make it save all it took was one like of coding:

echo %content%>>%name%

and to write the content all it was:
set /p content=">"

Step 3: Edit a Document That Already Exists

on the options screen when you press 0 all it does is takes you to the batch editor witch is a really rubbish editing thing but it uses batch thats why i linked to it in my notepad...

all this took was:

set /p edit=">"
edit %edit%

you can download my natepad compiled as an .exe or .bat if you want to messaround with it =]
Take out the .itsa so it looks like iRule Notepad.exe or .batnot .itsa