Introduction: Batch File Color Changer

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Step 1: Open Notetepad

open notpad

Step 2: How to Make Program

Type this (this does not need spaces)

@echo off


mode 50,30


title %colorcho%


echo What would you like to change the color to?

echo 0 = Black 8 = Gray
echo 1 = Blue 9 = Light Blue

echo 2 = Green A = Light Green
echo 3 = Aqua B = Light Aqua

echo 4 = Red C = Light Red
echo 5 = Purple D = Light Purple

echo 6 = Yellow E = Light Yellow
echo 7 = White F = Bright White

echo Type the color combination you would like, or type "exit" to exit.

echo (example: 0f)

set /p colorcho=
if %colorcho% EQU exit goto settings

color %colorcho%
goto color

Step 3: How to Save Your Program

save as color.bat or use for your personal program