Introduction: Batch File Programming.

About: i enjoy inventing, taking apart electronics, and rebuilding them. i also have a hobby of creating batch files, i greatly enjoy programming batch. i also enjoy coding and decoding binary code.

This is a tutorial for anyone who is starting to program basic batch files.

Step 1: Basic Instructions

Hello, instead of the regular instructable, i will give you a file. copy and paste it into notepad, and save it as HOW 2.0.bat . open it and it will have everything you need, including a shortcut to open notepad. It has all of the basics for standard batch programming, and step by step instructions to get you along.

Step 2: File to Copy

Click on the link below to view the file outline. Copy EVERYTHING, it is very important. Once you have copied it open up notepad. Paste it and save it as HOW 2.0.bat. Make sure to include the .bat because it is what makes the file work. Once you have saved it, open the gear icon on your desktop.

Step 3: Final Note

Thank you for using my instructable. Most of what you need to know is in the file, but if you have questions or suggestions, send them to: . If you send a good tip about an error or a suggestion, I will put it in my advanced batch programming instructable, along with your name and amy new instructable you want to advertise. Thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions.