Introduction: Batch Programming (slightly Advanced)

hello, first off i would like to say that if you are new to batch programming then you might want to go to an easier link for the basics, anyway, this is a code i wrote that i thought was kinda nifty, though it may seem like a ripoff of someone elses i assure you that i wrote it myself.

@echo off
color 0f
echo \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\
echo app chooser made by me
echo /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/
set /p user=enter passcode:
if "%user%"=="" goto welcome
echo welcome to the app chooser i made, feel free to browse around maybe even go to the membership section i made so that people with a member status can look at the other half of the apps!_!
echo ---------------------------
echo ---------------------------
echo 1 facebook
echo 2 youtube
echo 3 ourworld
echo 4 downworld
echo 5 happy wheels
echo 6 gmail
echo 7 go to membership stuff
set /p user=go ahead make a choice (p.s. members can add new links and app ideas!):
if "%user%"=="1" start
if "%user%"=="2" start
if "%user%"=="3" start
if "%user%"=="4" start
if "%user%"=="5" start
if "%user%"=="6" start
if "%user%"=="7" goto member
goto welcome
echo welcome to the members area, where you can earn a membeship by simply [set prerequisites here]
echo ---------------------------------------
echo 1 i have a membership, what do i do with it?
echo 2 why wont my membership work?
echo 3 i like waffles!
echo 4 what will membership give me?
echo 5 i want to insert my passcode for the weekly membership
set /p user=enter option:
if "%user%"=="1" goto whatnow
if "%user%"=="2" goto whywontitwork
if "%user%"=="3" goto waffle
if "%user%"=="4" goto whatwill
if "%user%"=="5" goto pass
echo you go to the member area and enter your code under the number five (5) option.
goto member
echo you probably have a bad code, or maybe the programmer mistyped the code into the program and you have the right code, either way talk to mike and he will resolve it free of charge!
goto member
echo me too!
goto member
echo membership will give you access to 5 exclusive apps, as well as you will be able to make suggestions as to what apps should be on here and also have permission to get up to 2 links/apps of your choice put on here, and with super membership (coming soon) you will even be able yo have your own passcode on them to keep them safe and yours alone from those unsightly noobs.
goto member
set /p user=enter membership code now:
if "%user%"=="[set member pass here]" goto memblist
if "%user%"=="" goto wrong
echo no, try again
goto pass
echo welcome to the members area, as i know you have earned the usage of these apps(some of which are exclusive to app chooser)
echo 1 calculator
echo 2 random flashing colors( can only exit by closing and reopening app chooser)
echo 3 coming soon!
echo 4 coming soon!
echo 5 coming soon!
set /p user=make a choice, member:
if "%user%"=="1" goto calc
if "%user%"=="2" goto color
echo ------------------------------------------------------
echo     Welcome To the calculator Brought To You By mike
echo ------------------------------------------------------
echo To Exit Write Exit
echo + is plus, / is divide, * is multiply
set /p sum=
if "%sum%"=="exit" goto memblist
set /a ans=%sum%
echo The Answer Is: %ans%
echo --------------------------------------------------
goto calc
color 12
color 22
color 32
color 42
color 52
goto begin

please feel free to modify the contents of this batch file and re-post them so that one day there will be an amazing program!