Introduction: Repair a Leaking Shower

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This is Charlotte's bath, it's also her shower. Water usually manages to escape around the shower curtain and onto the floor :( But with this beautiful mountain range, the water is gently redirected back into the bath :)

I love this hack so much I just had to post it here on Instructables :)

sugru is perfect for this job as it is waterproof and will bond to ceramic, bath enamel and fiber glass :)

Step 1: Mix Sugru to Create a New Colour

It's simple to make, use a sachet of sugru, build a ridge on your bath, leave it overnight to cure and ta daa, no more leaks :)

If it turns out that the ridge is not quite big enough to redirect the water, just build it up with a bit more sugru (it bonds really well to itself) until you get it just right :)

Charlotte mixed blue and white to get this pastel shade

Step 2: Evolve the Hack

Charlotte has since improved on the original hack by building up the sugru to create a better water ridge.
She also made it longer so it redirected the water back into the bath, very nice :)

oh yeah, a top sugru tip: sugru bonds to sugru brilliantly :)