Introduction: Bath Time Boat Made Out of Recyclable Items

Making things out of recyclable items is a good way not to waste. Make boats for your bath out of old egg cartons, cans, juice bottles, and other things.

Step 1: Materials

1. Scissors if needed

2. Any recyclable items you want to use

3. Hot glue gun or other glue (can use tape but not recommended)

4. Paper plate for hot glue gun or other protected surface

5. imagination

Step 2: Start to Use Your Imagination

I glued two can lids on the inside of my egg carton's lid and a juice container on the outside of the egg container. You can do what ever you want to your boat, this is just an example.

Step 3: Keep Adding

I put a bottle lid on the top of the egg container and glued two cans on either side of the bottle lid. You can put what ever you want on it.

Step 4: Lets See

I made some wings for my boat and attached to the sides of my boat. It is time to see if it floats.

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