Introduction: Bath (with Hot and Cold)

Follow this set of instructions to create a bath (with hot and cold options).

Step 1:

Firstly,create a 5 by 3 space that is also 2 blocks deep.

Step 2:

Next,fill in the walls and floor.

Step 3:

Then fill the gap on top and place a dispenser facing each block.

Step 4:

put blocks on the rest of the outline with a slab anywhere on the front.

Step 5:

Then place 2 2 block high towers on the left side with buttons on them.

Step 6:

Place 2 blocks behind the towers.On the block closest to the back,place a piece of red stone.Then place blocks going all around the outside until you get to the third dispenser.Place red stone on all of the blocks.

Step 7:

Put a bucket of water inside each dispenser then click the button.If built correctly so far,the bath should fill with water.

Step 8:

Then place dispensers 2 blocks beneath the current ones(to do so,you may have to break the glass).

Step 9:

Place a repeater coming out of the second a block behind it with a piece of red stone on it.The place three more repeaters to the left of the red stone.Place a piece of red stone next to that.Then in front of that piece of red stone,dig down a block and place another piece of red stone.Then in front of that piece dig down another block and place another piece of red stone (sorry this isn't explained very well it's very hard for me).

Step 10:

For the next couple of instructions you'll have to look at the pictures because i can't explain (this is one).

Step 11:

No explanation.

Step 12:

No explanation.

Step 13:

Fill all 3 dispensers with a bucket of lava.Then press the button (it might take about 2 seconds because the repeaters cause a delay).

Step 14:

Cover up the red stone the best yo can.You have to turn the hot and cold on if you want hot).If you have followed the instructions correctly (to be fair if you haven't it's completely my fault) you should have a working bath with hot and cold options.Congratulations!

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