Introduction: Bath Cushion Aid_2018

Under construction

Step 1: Get Design

Step 2: Get Materials

- Polypropeen (400x1000) (mm)

- 2x nut M4

- 2x bolt M4 10mm

- 2x Beads Diameter 20mm

- 2x Suction cup

- Anti-slip fabric

Step 3: Get Tools

- Glue (plastic & metal)

- Drill machine

- Drill 4 mmm

- Hammer

- Scissors

Step 4: Go Lasercut,...

If you don't have access to a laser cutter, you can always cut out the shape with a hobby knife.

Step 5: Drill and Glue Bolt to Suction Cup

After making sure the drill is ready, use it to drill a hole through the suction cup.

When this is done, use the drill or a pair of pliers to push the bolt through the hole you made. Now make the connection nice and strong by titening it with a nut.

Step 6: Drill and Glue Nut to Bead Grip

Change to size of the drill. Make to hole in the bead a bit wider. Once this is done ad a bit of glue in the hole, place the nut on top and use a hammer to fixate the nut nice and strong in the bead. Now you can screw the bead on too the suction cup.

Step 7: Glue the Anti-slip Fabric

Cut the anti-slip fabric in the correct size. Next palce it on your product to mark with pencil where exactly u need to apply the glue. Once the glue is applied you can place the fabric on top.

Step 8: Attach Ball Grip With Suction Cup to Bath

Step 9: Attach Towel to Bath Cushion Aid

Follow the pictures:

- Roll up the towel along it's widest edge

- Fold up in two.

- Place the two ends through the gap.

- Fold the towel again in two

- Now you should end up with a pretzel shaped towel

Step 10: Plug Bath Cushion Aid to the Bath

Step 11: Done... Wash Towel After Use.

Step 12: Tutorial on Video

Step 13: Our Story