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We all have business to do.  And nothing is more frustrating needing to do the business and not have the proper supplies.  Unless, of course, you have the supplies and they are wet, dirty or roll out of reach before you can get to it.

That is why I created the Bathroom Briefcase.

The Bathroom Briefcase is a toilet paper container that is water resistant, keeps your paper clean until you are ready to use it and wont roll away.  You can also hang it from a nearby branch until you are ready for it, if needed.

I keep one in my car all the time.  I never know when I might need to complete some "paperwork".  And, it is handy to have around if my cheeseburger drips ketchup on my work shirt.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

45 oz Country Crock butter tub.  You can use any brand, but the 45 oz is the right size container
Roll of toilet paper
Twine, paracord or heavy string

Vinyl tape

Step 2: Making the Basket

Measure out enough of your string to go all the way around the top edge of your container, plus 3 or 4 inches.

Wrap the string around, tucking it under the lip of the top edge, then tie it with a simple knot.  You don't need it to be really tight, but just so it fits.  Then remove it from the container so you can add the other pieces.

Measure enough string to go from the top lip, all the way under the container and back up the other side to the top lip, plus 3 or 4 inches, and make two pieces this length.
Tie the first piece to the loop anywhere.  Tie the second piece about a fourth of the way around.  These will cross at the bottom and form an "X" to hold the container.
Put the loop back on the container.  You may want to hold it on with a piece of tape. 
Bring the two loose ends to the bottom, and tie them in a knot at about the center.
Once tied, bring the loose ends up to the top edge of your container on the opposite side of where they started.  With your marker, mark both the loose end and the loop where they meet.  Once again, you don't need these to be tight, but just snug.
Remove the loop once again and tie the loose ends at the appropriate marks.

Step 3: Making the Handle

Now that you have a basket, you need a handle.

Measure off enough string to make a handle the length you want.  I used 3 feet to make an 18 inch handle, and it works well for me.

Tie the ends of your handle on opposite sides of the top loop of the basket.  If they aren't perfect, you will be able to adjust the position to get the correct balance later, so use a knot that will slide on the loop.

Put the container in the basket and adjust all the bits until it is the way you like it.  You may need to untie/retie some of the string ends to get it perfect.

Once you are satisfied with the string placement, trim off the loose ends.

Wrap vinyl tape around the top edge to cover up the loop and all your knots, and also around the bottom of the container to hold all the string pieces in place.

Step 4: Preparing the Roll

Set the container aside for a few minutes.

Take your roll of toilet paper and remove the core.  The easiest way is to bend it back a little, then work it with your fingers all the way around.  The paper is glued to the core, so you will have to tear it away.  It's just toilet paper, so it wont be that hard, but you don't want to end up pulling all the paper out in the process.

Once the core is out, pull a little of the paper out so it sticks up out of the middle of the roll.

Step 5: Preparing the Top

Using the roll core as a guide, draw a circle with your marker on the middle of the container lid.

Use your scissors to cut around the circle, making a hole.

Step 6: Putting It All Together

Install the roll into the container.  Make sure a little of it is sticking up from the middle.

Put the lid on the container, pulling a bit of toilet paper through the hole.

It is ready to use!

For storage, you can tuck the paper back in the hole and stuff the handle string in over it.  It packs well that way, and prevents it from snagging on other things.

For long term, you may also want to use a piece of duct tape over the hole to keep things out of it, and help keep it dry.

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