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We needed to redo the bathroom, and were on a budget.

Most steps we did, and some others are better for the pro's.

My suggestion is to do as much as possible, saving money, and then consider using the savings for the bathroom vanity and accents.


Step 1: Bathroom Demo on the Cheap

My wife's favorite part was the demo.

This is a 1948 cape cod,..plaster walls.

I suggest you shut the door, use plastic to cover the doorway and then start hammering and pulling the plaster off.

Tip: If able throw refuse out window for easy outside collection,.. and prevent dirty insides of your house.

After much debate we removed the lathe also.

Step 2: Add Walls

Once the room is cleaned up you are on to the drywall. The green drywall is for humid rooms like a bathroom. Use as large a sheet as possible to avoid numerous plaster areas.

We also found that is would be much cheaper to put new floor over the old, as apposed to sanding and stainer the original floor.

Step 3: Add Looks

Once the walls are up we decided to use molding etc,...we have a dog and this is a great way to help keep the walls clean and dry!

Step 4: Ceilings

I ran the old ceiling fan throughout the demo process to help clean the air. After putting the walls up we threw it out.

We also paid a contractor to swirl the worth the money!

Step 5: The Door

To make life more fun we moved the door latches from one side to other!

Step 6: The Floor

We found some nice pergo flooring,....way cheaper than refurbing the old

Step 7: The Tub

Lastly we opened up the top of the bath area to allow more light in and a cleaner look!

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    Reply 7 years ago

    Thank you!


    7 years ago

    I really like your flooring choice! Thanks for posting!


    Reply 7 years ago

    Thank you so much, in reality the cost difference between the best pergo at the store and that which i find just able to look ok, a difference of a few cents!