Introduction: Bathroom Hydroponics

this is a spearmint plant being grown by a hydroponic system there is a mixture of water and fertilizer in the large pickle jar 3 times a day a pump automatically sprinkles the water over the plant, which is rooted in gravel, this system will grow your plants without any dirt needed! this means it can be grown indoors or even underground, in a low light level however lights will be needed, the easiest thing to do is place it near a window and forget about it, until you need some spices like mint oregano thyme, or any other small plant, the system can be scaled up using 5 gallon buckets and you can grow an entire garden of tomatoes indoors!

Step 1: Your Materials

all you must do is find a large glass pickle jar, a smaller peanut butter jar, an aquarium pump, a plant, gravel (or clay balls to soak up moisture), and an outlet timer (optional)

Step 2: Your Jars

now cut a hole into your pickle jar lid so that it may fit the peanut butter jar without its cap on, next push the peanut butter jar into the pickle lid and screw the peanut butter lid onto the jar, this holds it up for you, now remove the top of the peanut butter jar lid so that only the wall remains, and the plant can reach through the hole created, you must also drill holes in the bottom of the peanut butter jar for the water to drain

Step 3: Your Pump

next put in your aquarium pump, drilling a hole in the pickle lid for the hose and electrical cord, the pump hose should reach up around to the base of where the plant sits next seal the hose and drill a few holes, creating a sprinkler effect, the pump can just sit in the bottom of the jar as long as it is completely immersed, as for the timer you can use a generic wall timer so you dont have4 to worry about it, or just plug it in for a few minutes to water it, i chose the timer in case i forget.

This system can also be used with a solar powered pump, as my original intention was however mine was dead so i am now using a wall outlet a solar panel would truly make a free self sustaining plant watering and feeding it with the sun alone!

Step 4: Your Water

fill your jar with water up to the bottom of the peanut butter jar, and add some fertilizer, be sure not to put in much in fact put in less than you think ull need it gets nutrients from the sun and should be fine jus dont add too much itll die, so you dont burn the roots, next you can put your plant and gravel into the peanut butter jar and let it grow!

ps heres the same picture so i can show off my skills in ms paint

EDIT do NOT use liquafeed it is much too harsh and will mangle your poor plant even if it is diluted very much :( 

Step 5: Update

this is my bean a regular old navy bean i grew in my system using regular water its about a month old and is already around 2 to 3 feet tall the water has turned green from excess plant matter mainly algea, and makes an incredible fertilizer full of nitrates for other plants i have watered it twice to get it to this point, also i used no fertilizer at all

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