Bathroom Cabinet Shelf

Introduction: Bathroom Cabinet Shelf

I wanted to make a storage / medicine cabinet for our bathroom.

Did a quick design and ended up sticking with it pretty closely. Project came out quite nicely.

Step 1: Materials

I bought (1) 1"x6"x8'-0" and (2) 1"x2"x8'-0" boards of select pine.

Step 2: Cabinet

Cut and predrilled the cabinet to recess the holes then assembled with wood screws.

I ended up using a scrap piece of wood for the top piece.

Ideally the top piece should be 1 solid piece but i used what i had, and had to space the back out so it would overhang in the front. I figured sanding and paint would hide this well.

After assembly i cut a rabbet with my router for the backing plate to sit flush.

Filled all the holes with wood filler.

Sanded a bit, not much since its being painted.

Step 3: Doors

Cut the 1x1.5 wood to build the doors.

I used my kreg jig to drill pocket holes to assemble the doors. Makes assembly very easy. Wood glue can be used but i chose not to.

I wanted to cut a small groove into the door for the hinges to sit more flush. Used a router to do this.

The width of the doors required pretty careful calculations to make sure the gaps were consistent.

After assembly i cut a rabbet on the inside with my router for the glass to sit in.

Routering left rounded corners so i carved right angles at the corners with an old pocket knife.

Did some sanding and that was it.

Step 4: Glass

I cut glass to fit inside the doors. Cutting glass is easy but it doesnt always work. There are a few videos on youtube that helped me improve my cuts.

If glass is not preferred you can cut a thin sheet of wood and insert into the doors.

Step 5: Paint

primer and paint as desired.

After painting i added the back panel and nailed it to the cabinet.

Drilled some holes for the knobs and attached the doors.

I am almost finished, all that is left to do is put in an adjustable shelf inside the cabinet, and add magnetic door catches.

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    Question 8 months ago on Step 5

    Hi!! Beautiful cabinet! Would love to get the cutting list and where to put the shelf. Your help is appreciated!