Introduction: Bathroom Shower Prank

In this instructable I will teach you how to pull a masterful prank with some very humorous results.

For this instructable you will need  
-a package of  cool aide
-a shower to use this on
-and an unsuspecting person

Step 1: Piecing Together the Prank

If you go to your shower you are going to use you will see that the head will come off .Take off the head and pour the cool aid into it and put the shower back together. When a person steps into the shower and turns the water on it will run through the cool aid and come out what ever color you put in (I recommend a dark red color because it kinda looks like blood coming out)which will completely dumbfound the person in it.

Step 2: Enjoy the Results

It is best to live in the household that the prank will take place in because you can fully enjoy the results.

warning this prank may dye the person in the showers skin be careful and I take no responsibility for anything that may occur due to this prank.

Have  fun out there.