Introduction: Bathtub Caddy

A fun, cheap project for your loved one! Trust me, if she loves baths, she will love this!

Step 1: Measurements

For this item to work properly, it must be custom fit to your bathtub. So grab your tape, pencil and paper. Now sit in your bathtub and determine where the widest point is and where a comfortable/minimal intrusive spot would be for this caddy. Act like your grabbing a glass of wine or a beer in my case and determine if it is a comfortable reach, while out of the way of accidentally knocking it over.

Step 2: Lumber, Hardware & Tools

Since you have your measurements, add 2". This will be the length of the board you need. For width, I got away with about 2', so I imagine it will work for you as well! Thickness: 3/4"

Lumber: An oak or cedar board would work for this application (mine is red oak). Or any species of wood that can stand up to water well.


1" and 1 3/4"wood screws
A finish of your choice (stain, oil)
And a lacquer of your choice (I chose clear satin)


Circular saw or table saw(table saw would be best choice)

Orbital sander with up to 220 grit paper

A sheet of sandpaper over 220


Drill and some drill bits

Step 3: Cutting and Staining

1. Rip your board down to size. I squared all mine to 3/4". Take your time here. Use a push stick (pic#2) and a feather board if you have them.

2. Cross cut your rips to final length.
It is best if you can have a stop block here. Measure once and cut all! I'm setting up just that on my crosscut sled in picture #3.

3. Sand,sand and more sanding.

4. Take all your pieces you are going to use and apply your stain or oil of choice. It's easier to do so now before its assembled.

5. After your stain is done, you could go so far as to apply your finish coats as well. It's important to have a good seal on this project, you really want to hit every surface area with your finish/sealer.

Step 4: Assembly

Here is somewhat a tricky part.


1" screws
A spacer block to the thickness of your choosing.

* You could use wood glue/Brad nails, and it would work extremely well (before you apply finish). I didn't because I did not have those tools at the time I built this.

Anyways, assemble your pieces now. If you are using the screw technique, you will want to follow these steps.

1. start with end sections, then build middle, then attach all.

2. Align one side of your cross beams to your side stiles, clamp your spacer block and cross beam in place.

3. Predrill a pilot hole and a space for your screw head (underside of your length stiles). Once predrilled, then screw the cross beam into place.

4. Repeat until everything is finished.

5. Now fill over your screw heads with wood putty. Apply finish over to seal.
Note: I didn't complete this step and I have no rusting or warp. My lady uses this piece quite often too.

Step 5: Congratulations!

You're done! Congratulations on your build. Now, grab a drink and test it out. Or give it to her now or Valentines Day. Your choice, but nonetheless; I hope you enjoy!

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