Introduction: Batman Keyholder

My daughter is a huge Batman fan. This easy-to-make project was the perfect addition to hold her car keys.

Step 1: Materials

The materials list is very straightforward:

• sheet wood
• glue
• paint
• hooks

Finding an vector version of your image may be difficult. However you can convert most line art graphics to a vector format using potrace. I used this Instructable for the walk-through. This is an important step to consider since vector graphics can be resized without losing detail or introducing artifacts (ie: fuzziness on and around the image).

Step 2: Cutting, Gluing and Painting

I used the laser machine at my local Maker Space to cut out the images. I used a thin 1/4" sheet of plywood as it was the easiest material to cut. Thicker pieces of plywood can be cut with the laser but I find that the plywood will have too many irregularities and produce poor results.

To make the project thicker, three copies were made and then glued together. The end result was ~3/4" thick.

And then a couple of coats of spray paint to finish off the project.

Step 3: Drill and Add Hooks

I drilled the holes for the hooks to prevent any wood splitting. Since this logo is usually black and yellow, I made sure to use gold coloured hooks. It was the perfect accent!

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