Introduction: Batman Plaster Project

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Hi Everyone !
This living room wall mural was created using a prime material used in the construction and remodel industry commonly known as patching plaster. Enjoy.

Step 1: A Call to Arms.

Lanco patching plaster is apply to 2 sliding doors. Our Caped Crusader on the right side and Princess Diana of Themyscira on the left side.

* Pencils
* Drawing plans
* Plastic or metal spatulas
* Lanco patching plaster (1 gal. size)
* Ruler
* Wiping rags
* Acrylic paints
* Xacto knifes # 11 and # 17
* 4" paint brush

Step 2: The Ruler.

This is a living room where it needs plenty of natural light during the day hours.

Our design needs to filter daylight like the transom above the door.

Because of this lighting effect, our hero is going to act like a chameleon. Changing very second of the hour.

Here you see the knife wielding artist drawing the border that will be chipped away as soon it is drawn.

Step 3: Material Safety Data Sheet.

The Dark Knight is going to be 28 inches wide by 5 feet 8 inches tall.

When handling and working with patching plaster, please read the MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET prepared by the manufacturer.

Safety is our #1 priority.

Step 4: The Forces.

The knife wielding artist needs to fight against the forces of the patching plaster.

For weapons he's using the Xacto #11 for incising the plaster and the Xacto #17 for cutting and shaving 1/4 inch grooves.

Step 5: Patience Is Needed.

Here we are looking into the enclosed driveway. A water tank is behind the Caped Crusader's glove.

The thickness of the plaster is from 1/32 th to 1/16 th of an inch.

Be EXTREMELY patience incising and cutting plaster. Your knife is your pencil and eraser at every moment !

When designing complex themes, always rely on a good set of drawing plans. Never trust your memory.

Step 6: Day and Night.

This workbench is designed for a 6' - 2" artist. Avoid lower back pains. Work with a proper height table.

Batman's silhouette with a 2 pm sun coming from the right. At night, the white will become the black all criminals will hate in Gotham City.

The workbench is an instructable title: Make this carving workbench.

Step 7: The Manor.

Bruce Wayne's alter ego needs a little bit of character. This blue is a mixture of white and blue paints we have at KanPo Studios.

The page you see on the right is going to be a tribute to Game of Thrones. Remember, winter is coming.

Step 8: Decade of the '60s.

All the designs in the living room has a 1960s style . . . primary colors with thick outlines.

See the changes in light conditions behind the world's greatest detective.

Step 9: The Joker.

Last minute touch ups on the Joker's worst nightware.

The paint brush is to swipe away the dust and small particles from the design.

Princess Diana of Themyscira will be done in this style.

For those instructable makers concerns who is Princess Diana is, well I'm sure the majority knows . . .
she's Wonder Woman !

Step 10: The Dark Knight Rises !

Finally night time !

Full body portrait of Batman taken at KanPo Studios.

The clear glass is completely black.
You barely see the water tank right behind the sliding doors.

No black paint at all !

Step 11: Comic Con .

Support and participate in all local Comic Con events. Your family will love it. From 8 years old to 80 years old.

San Juan, PR Comic Con 2015.

Thank you instructable makers for your time and viewing.

See Ya in the next instructable.