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Introduction: Batman Stocking

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-Black Felt I had a 3' by 3' sheet and had enough to make two stocking if i wanted.
-Yellow Felt I had a 8.5 by 11 sheet and it was plenty big enough
-Double Sided Fabric Glue Used to apply the batman logo together and to put it on the stocking itself
-Sharpie or Fabric Marker Used to draw shapes onto the black felt (I used silver sharpie)
-Old stocking or Dollar store stocking with white material you like
-Sewing machine
-Iron to apply the fabric glue and flatten edges after sewing

Step 1: Design

Trace your old stocking onto the black felt with a sharpie or fabric marker. Leave about a quarter inch of material around the edge for when you sew it together.

Cut out two of those shapes and pin them together. Use actual pins, not safety pins, and go perpendicular to your sew line (My picture is wrong). Remember pin them inside out so that you flip it back normal when you are done sewing.

Print or draw the batman logo and cut each part out then trace those on the appropriate colors of felt and cut them out. In the picture with the pins, the logo is just placed there for reference, don't apply it until after your stocking is sewn and flipped the right way.

Cut out your fabric glue in the shapes of the batman symbol. make sure it is slightly smaller then the fabric itself because the iron can't touch the fabric glue itself. You need to glue the yellow piece to the stocking where you want it (leave room on top for white border) and then the black inner piece onto that.

Step 2: Cape, Top, and Hanger

Almost done!
Cut out a cape for your stocking and sew it tot he back of the stocking. It can be sewn to the inside or outside but make sure you only sew it to one piece of felt so you don't sew your stocking shut.

The hanger comes next. This is just a simple straight piece of black felt folded over itself and sewn to the inside of the stocking on the left corner.

And the white border is last. I cut mine from a dollar store stocking with a seam ripper. Sewing it to the stocking itself can be confusing. You want the fur to touch the inside of the stocking and have both tops be flush with each other. Sew around the top edge and your done. Flip it so its normal and your stocking is complete. Hope you have fun with this one and will someone please make a superman one and show me? :)

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