Introduction: Batman Themed Pumpkin Carving

This is a pumpkin carving diy which shows you how to how to carve a batman themed pumpkin.


For my instructable, Iv'e gathered the following things:




Utility Knife


Step 1: Marking and Cutting the Top of the Pumpkin

First start out by marking the the top of the pumpkin with a pen. Then slowly start tracing the marked line with a knife. Make sure the hole is big enough to fit your hand inside the pumpkin from the top. Also, do not throw the top of the pumpkin away, you will need it.

Step 2: Hollow the Pumpkin

After cutting the top of the pumpkin, use a spoon to take out all the pulp inside the pumpkin. This is necessary because the pulp and seeds will just mess you up. Also after the pumpkin opens and you leave the filling in it for a long more than like a day, the pumpkin will get rotten and start to smell. Then chip off the pulp that is stuck on the sides of the pumpkin out too. Also, try to get out all the filling until there are just the sides of the pumpkin left. Make sure the pumpkin's sides are not too thick so it is easy to carve.

Step 3: Drawing the Face of the Pumpkin

Next get a pen or pencil to draw out the batman face just like the picture shows. Don't push down your pencil/pen down too hard because it might ruin the pumpkin. It becomes easier to carve if you know where to carve and that is why you need to draw out your design on the pumpkin first. If you don't feel to confident you can also draw it out on paper first. If you want more detail you could draw teeth although that will be much harder than a normal mouth. If you do end up drawing teeth then a tip is that after you cut them out peel the skin of the pumpkin off from the teeth so it gives you the inner skin of the pumpkin which has like a lighter shade of orange.

Step 4: Carve the Pumpkin

For the final step, carefully start carving over the lines that you made on your pumpkin with a knife after your done drawing. Make sure your knife gets all the way through the pumpkin so it cuts out your design fully. Once your finished you might find that some of the pulp is sticking out through the facial features. So you will just have to shave that pulp off with your knife.

Step 5: Finished Pumpkin

Now place the top of the pumpkin back on. You can also put in some led lights or a candle in the pumpkin for extra effects and your finished with your batman themed pumpkin. Enjoy :)

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