Introduction: Batman Wall Decor

It was my B'day gift to one of my friends who is huge fan of Batman.
He likes everything that is related to DC characters especially related to Batman. That was why I thought to make a Batman Wall Decor for him. I had made it in June 2016 as you can see the date in the one corner. I didn't think that one day I am going to upload whole project on Instructables so I don't have that much photos of whole process. However, I have recreated some of the things. I have tried my best to explain.

Step 1: Requirements

1) Cardboard

Use:- I have used a upper cover of a Box of A4 size papers.

2) White or Black Spiral Binding Cover

Use:- To make Bats.

3) White Chart Paper(WCP)

Use:- To draw Batman on and to stick on Bat-shape base.

4) Thick Black Thread

Use:- to make hanger.

5) Color-sticks

6) Hot Glue Gun

7) White Glue (Fevicol)

8) Instant Sticking Glue (Fevistick)

9) Scissors

10) Basic Stationaries: Black Ball Pen, Black Marker, Eraser, Pencil, Scale etc.

11) Soft Tissue Paper

12) Black Acrylic Color

Step 2: Making of Batbase

First draw whichever Bat-shape you want using pencil. I had used latest one from the recent DC movie.

Now using scissor cutout that shape from whole cardboard.

Put this base on White chart paper and draw the outline using pencil and cut it out.(Again repeat this step)

Now you will have one Bat-base of Cardboard and two of White chart paper (WCP).

Now paste both white chart paper cutouts on both the sides of cardboard cutout using white glue or simple Fevistick as I had used Fevistick.

Now for rough texture, paste soft tissue papers using White Glue + Water Mixture. Cover all the SIDES of Bat-base properly, there shouldn't be any space or holes.

Allow it to dry. it will give attractive structure to your Bat-base.

Note: You can use black chart paper here instead of white.

Step 3: Color the Batbase

To color dried Bat-base I had used Camel Black Acrylic color using simple brush.

Here you can use large size brush to do it quickly.

Let it dry, It will take time.(Mean while you can start your working Bats making.)

After drying you will find a very black and shiny surface with rough texture due to acrylic color and tissue paper respectively.

Yes! Your Bat-base in now ready.

Note: Here I had joined three small paint brushes to make big brush.

Step 4: Making of Bats

For Bats I wanted some hard material that can be folded so I went to use old discarded Spiral binding covers.

Using moderate hard plastic gave an advantage that it can not get damaged easily where paper can.

Batwings had to be equal sized on both sides.

Here I had used a shape of Bat-rang to make my Bats.

For that I vertically bent/folded the spiral binding cover and drew a half of Bat shaped outline on one side only using black ball pen.

Now cut out the bat by following black outlines using small scissor.

As you will unfold your cut out you will find whole bat.

Now you can use this 1st Bat to draw remainings.

Quantity of bat depends on size of Bat-base. I simply used 8 to 10 Bats.

Step 5: Color Bats

After making required copies of Bats color them using again Black Acrylic color.

Let them dry.

Here you might observe some pattern on my Bats that was because of spiral binding cover, It was there on cover.

It gave an attractive effect to my Bats.

Step 6: Making of Flying Bat

I just simply joined two similar sized Bats to make flying bats using Hot glue.

Be careful while using Hot Glue Gun DO NOT touch the tip of gun on your bat or else it will start melting.

  1. Just pour a little drop of hot glue on center point of on bat and immediately put your second bat on it and just keep it pressed for few second. Don't stick surfaces of whole bats together, just a small drop in center is enough.
  2. Now on one wing I gave an another fold to my bats individually in opposite direction.
  3. Do same with the another wing.
  4. Repeat sub-steps 1 to 3 to make enough numbers of flying bats.
  5. Color them with black acrylic color if you used white spiral binding cover to make them.

Note: You can use black spiral binding cover, there will not be any need of color them.

Step 7: White Batshape Center

Now to give white center:

  1. You need to put your Black colored Bat-base on White Chart Paper.
  2. Draw the outline on WCP using pencil (In image: Drawn using Black pen).
  3. After removing Bat-base from WCP, you find the exact shape drawn on your WCP.
  4. Now you should keep one thing in your mind that white Bat-shape center should be smaller than Bat-base in terms of size to give front view a great look.
  5. I kept my white Bat-shape center 1 or 1.5 cm less than Black Bat-base by subtracting 1 cm from each and every side and corner of Black Bat-base. This will create another Bat-shape within initial one(In image: Drawn using Red pen).
  6. This inner Bat-shape center is what you need. Cut it out carefully using small scissor.
  7. Paste it on your front view of Black Bat-base using Fevistick glue in such way that it gets 1 or 1.5 cm black outline effect from each side and corners (exactly in center).

Note: I have recreated this step that is why bat-shape is differ than original.

Step 8: Drawing Batman

Pick any one Batman image and draw it on White Chart Paper using pencil.

Fill it with colors using color-sticks as given in an image of your interest.

There are blank(in terms of colors) Batman images are also available on Internet, you can choose one, get it printed and then you can color them.

I didn't do it because It was a B'day gift! There is no fun without hard work.

So I had drawn it, colored it and then cut it out by maintaining the shape of drawing using small scissor.

This Batman cutout I pasted it on White bat-shape, in exact center position.

Note: Here to skip this cutting step you can draw your Batman on White Bat-shape center which was prepared previously.

Step 9: Time to Set Flying Bats

First determine the number of flying bats you want on your Batman wall decor then choose the sites where you want to paste them keeping a free space if you want to write any message.

Take hot glue gun and pour a little drop of glue either beneath(Ventral side) your flying bat or on Bat-base.

Paste them in such a way that it does not get inclined towards either sides.

Step 10: Making of Thread Hanger

Since it is a wall decor, you gonna need something that can be easily hanged on wall.

Here you can simple thread without any modification.

But to give it a decorative look I had modified it.

Step 11: Mounting of Thread Hanger on Wall Decor

Once your hanger is ready, you need some solid glue which can strongly bind thread with wall decor together.

Here I had use Hot glue again.

Just put both the ends of thread together in upper center point of backside of wall decor.

Now carefully pour enough hot glue using hot glue gun.

Allow it to air dry for few minutes.

Step 12: Wall Decor Is Ready

It will look like above image.

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