Batman Wall Light

Introduction: Batman Wall Light

I did this small project in about 2 hours for my cousin who turned 3. He loved and everyone else who as at the party like it as well

Step 1: Find Your Wood

First you want to find a piece big enough, this all depends on how big you want it

Step 2: Draw

Your going to want to tape it down a

Step 3: Cutting It Out

I used a Jig Saw to cut it out because that is what i had accesses to at the time.

Step 4: Add the Lights and Back

I used little spacers to make space to but the lights behind the batman symbol to make it pop and look good. the back i just pre-drilled holes the screwed little screws in

Step 5: Finally Spray Paint

I sprayed it black because it batman and when its dark the symbol pops out more then a lighter color.

Step 6: Sit Back and Enjoy It :)

Your done.

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    6 years ago

    This looks pretty cool. Nice work!

    Did you happen to snap any photos of the process as you were making this? If you did, those would be great to add to the steps ;)


    Reply 6 years ago

    Sorry I dint because i was just worried about getting it done


    Reply 6 years ago

    No worries! Next time you make something, I hope you'll consider snapping a few photos along the way. It's a little more work, of course, but it's also really fun! ;)