Introduction: Batman and F.R.I.E.N.D.S Infinity Mirror

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In this Instructable I am going to show you how to make this Batman and F.R.I.E.N.D.S inifinity mirror with the help of a Plastic Batman symbol I had lying around and by engraving a simple quote on acrylic.

It looks great when the power is on and even when it is not!!

Its main components are the RGB led strips and a 12 V dc wall adapter.

Step 1: Tools and Materials Required

Materials Required:

1) 2 x Mirror ( 12 inch X 12 inch)

2) 3mm thick 2 x Glass ( 12 inch X 12 inch)

3) 2 x frames for holding the mirror and the glass

4) Window Film

5) RGB led strip

6) 2 x 12 V DC adapter

7) 24cm X 24cm transparent acrylic sheet 3mm thick

8) 8 wooden sticks (12 inch long each) for holding the mirror

9) Batman symbol (I already had one plastic batman symbol which my friend gave me)

10) a white color circular surface 17cm in diameter for mounting the batman symbol( I used a switch board)

11) perf board

12) 2 x female barrel jacks

13) male and female headers

14) Duct Tape

15) Glass Cleaner

Tools Required:

1) Soldering Iron

2) Hot Glue Gun

3) Engraver for acrylic

4) Utility Knife

5) Wire Cutter

6) Shrinking Tubes

7) a Saw

Step 2: Adding the Window Film on the Glass:

1) Take the glass and clean it with the help of the window cleaner using a clean piece of cloth.

2) Place the film over the glass and cut it about the size of the glass leaving some margin.

3) Firmly remove the backing from the film by peeling it off from the edges and stick it to the glass. You can also use soapy water to easily remove the backing by spraying it on the back of the film.

4) After sticking the film to the glass remove the air bubbles. I used a business card for that purpose but anything similar can work.

5) After completely applying the film let it dry for about 2 hours.

Note: Make sure that the glass is dry and clean before applying the film.

Now take the glass and place it in the frame. Make sure that the side with the film on the glass is on the inner side of the frame.

Step 3: Preparing the Perf Board:

In this step we will cut out a small piece of our Perf Board and solder the female barrel jack and some male headers on it so that we can easily connect the led strips.

1) Cut out a small piece of the Perf Board with the help of the utility knife. The size should be sufficient to hold a female barrel jack and 3-4 male headers.
Don't use a big cut out of board as it won't look good at side of the mirror.

2) Make two grooves on the Perf Board to hold the barrel jack and solder it to the board.

3) Make two solder rails on the Perf Board one from each terminal of barrel jack and according to the pinout of the barrel jack solder one female header at the end of the positive rail and some female headers on the negative rails depending on the number of the colors you choose as the led strip I used had a common +12V rail for and a different negative rail for each color.

*Create two of these perf board one for each mirror*

Step 4: Preparing the LED Strip:

1) Cut the led strip so that it can cover the whole boundary of the frame. Make sure that you only cut the led strip from the mark that is given.

2) Now according to your choice of colors solder wires on the copper dots at the end of the led strip and the solder one wire on the +12V mark of the strip. I chose blue color for the batman and a combination of red and blue for the F.R.I.E.N.D.S mirror. But that is completely up to you!! You just have to solder the wire on the desired color.

3) Now attach some male headers at the other end of each wire so they can easily plug into the perf board we stick at the side of the frame.

4) Cover the solder joint at the led strip with hot glue to secure it.

5) Now stick the led strip on the boundary of the frame behind the glass by peeling off the backing from the strip and pressing it gently on to the frame.

6) With the help of a saw make a groove on the bottom right corner of the frame from where the wires from the led strip will come out and plug into the perf board we prepared in the previous step.

*Do this for both the frames*

Step 5: Preparing the Batman Symbol (For the Batman Infinity Mirror):

1) Cut out a piece of led strip of sufficient length so that it can stick behind the batman symbol.

2) Solder wires at the end of the led strip. One on the +12V rail and the other wires on the choice of your desired colors.

3) Secure the solder joint with the help of hot glue.

4) Using black colored heat shrink tubes cover both wires and stick the led strip at the back of the batman symbol.

5) Stick the batman symbol on the circular surface with the help of hot glue and stick it in the center at the front side of the glass again using hot glue.

6) Solder the two wires from the led strip(which we stick behind the batman symbol) to the respective wires from the led strip we attached to the frame.

7) Stick the piece of the perf board at the side of the frame where we made the groove for the wires to come out.

Step 6: Preparing the Acrylic Sheet (For the F.R.I.E.N.D.S Infinity Mirror):

In this step we will engrave a message on the acrylic sheet for creating the F.R.I.E.N.D.S infinity mirror.

1) On a sheet of paper write the quote or message you want to engrave on the acrylic sheet.

2) Peel off the protective layer from one of the side of the acrylic sheet and stick the sheet of paper on which you wrote the message on that side withe help of some tape

3) Now peel off the protective layer from the other side and start engraving over the message with the help of your engraver using the sheet of paper you had stuck on the other side as a stencil. Be careful not to put too much pressure while engraving or you may end up cracking the acrylic sheet.

4) Now take a simple piece of wood about 24 cm long not much thick and stick a piece of led strip on it.

5) Solder wires on the led strip according to your choice of colors( I chose blue and green) and cover the wires using black colored heat shrink tubes.

6) Take the wires from the this led strip and solder it at the back of the perf board on the respective power rail from the terminals of the barrel jack and stick the perf board at the side of the mirror.

7) Stick the piece of wood on which the led strip is placed on the glass near the bottom edge with the help of hot glue with the side of the of the wood having the led strip facing the opposite edge.

8) Cut out 4 small cubical pieces of wood and stick each of it at one corner of the acrylic sheet on which we have engraved our message using super glue. (Use it carefully as it may leave prints on the acrylic sheet)

9) Stick the acrylic sheet next the side of the wood having led strip on the glass by applying some hot glue at the pieces of wood at each corner of the acrylic sheet.

Step 7: Placing the Mirror at the Back of the Frame:

1) Take the 12 inches long pieces of wood and stick each piece behind the glass above the led strip (one piece on each of the edges) with the help of hot glue.

2) Take the mirror and clean it with the window cleaner with the help of a clean piece of cloth.

3) Place the mirror on the pieces of wood and with the help of duct tape stick the mirror at the back of the frame. Apply two layers of the duct tape so that the mirror does not fall off from behind!!

Step 8: And You Are Done!!


You have successfully created a batman and a F.R.I.E.N.D.S Infinity Mirror!!!

Now hang it on your wall near your bed, on the opposite wall or gift it to someone!!!

That totally depends on you!!!

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