Batman and Joker Nail Art




Introduction: Batman and Joker Nail Art

to make batman and joker nail art, paint two nails white paint two nails with your favorite color (i used light coffee color) and paint the smallest nail with black

Step 1: Painting Batman Logo

for batman logo i have downloaded logo, so that i use it as a guide

for it draw horizontal oval shape (ellipse) with yellow color nail polish

let it dry

once it is dried, draw an outline with black striper or toothpick

then draw a bat shape

drawing bat shape is really tricky you can draw it with striper or toothpick.. or still you are not confortable with both tools cheat..

cheat- use black pointed marker to draw bat

Step 2: Batman Silhouette

for making batman silhouette draw two vertical lines

then draw two triangles at base of those lines (refer image)

then draw a curved line to make its head

then fill in gap with black nail polish

Step 3: Joker

to make joker pur some greenish nail polish on the top of nail

then put two black dots for eyes

using toothpick make splash with those dots

then add tiny dot for nose and make a red smile.. the more shaky smile better the look

then add two white dots on the black splashes

Step 4: Why So Serious??

here i also cheated

i used red marker with small point to write "why so serious?"

finally conceal with top coat..

nails are done

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