Bats Stay Free and They Will Eat Your Bugs!

Introduction: Bats Stay Free and They Will Eat Your Bugs!

Create a simple bat house that will add value to bats lives by giving them a nice home to live in and they will repay you by eating the bugs around your home or pond every single night which adds value to your outside enjoyment.

Step 1: Easy Design That Anyone Can Do and That Bats Will Love

There is no need to make a complex bat house design. If you think about it, in nature bats live in tree bark, crevices, and any other tiny space they can fit into so keep it simple and make them happy.

This design was created using:

  • Scrap piece of a 2 X 10 board
  • Drill/Driver with a hole cutting bit
  • A few screws
  • Wire
  • Black Spray Paint
  • Advertisement lettering was added to draw in the bats :)

Step 2: Drill Holes and They Will Come

Do It Like This:

  • Clamp down your piece of wood and use a hole cutting bit to make some rough spaces for the bats to fit into.
  • Keep in mind that bats like closed in spaces so don't make your holes too big. Drill enough overlapping holes that the bat house ends up having a type of rough channel for the bats to crawl into.
  • Screw in a screw at each end of the channel created and string wire between the two. This creates something for their tiny claws to cling to as they make their way inside. It also prevents the opening from being too open and big enough that a raccoon or other animal may be able to get their sneaky little paws into it disturbing slumbering bats.
  • Paint it black or some other dark creepy color. You are trying to attract bats that like it dark so they can sleep all day. Bright and sunny is not for them!
  • Advertisement of a free stay may or may not be necessary but it could draw in more frugal bats. :)
  • Get up a tree or other structure and secure the bat house with a three inch screw or two.
  • Give them a little time to find the house and they will move in.

This creates a nice habitat for them and supports the bats that will decimate the bug population around you which equals happiness for all parties.

Step 3: Enjoy Fewer Bugs Outside

Bugs may be necessary but they can be a serious pain for anyone wanting to spend time outside. A few bat houses will keep the bug population down around your pond or backyard.

No complex design is necessary. This simple design requires no difficult cuts or measuring and you don't have any seams to caulk to keep drafts out.

In nature bats live in tree bark....your bat house is much nicer than a tree bark home.

Get to making one and enjoy fewer bugs!

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