Battery Percentage Indicator

Introduction: Battery Percentage Indicator

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Hii friend,

Today I am going to make a Battery level indicator that will show the percentage of up-to 15V Battery.This circuit is very easy to make and it is very cheap.

Let's get started,

Step 1: Take All Parts As Shown Below

Parts required -

(1.) Zero - PCB

(2.) LED -3V x5

(3.) Resistor 1K x5

(4.) Connecting wires

(5.) DC Power supply - upto 15V

Step 2: Solder All Components in PCB

Solder all components in PCB according to this circuit diagram.

Step 3: Insert All LEDs in PCB

Insert all LEDs in PCB in series like circuit diagram.

Step 4: Solder All Wires

Solder all wires of LEDs as solder in picture.

Step 5: Insert All Resistors

Now insert all resistors in pcb as inserted in the picture according to circuit diagram.

Step 6: Solder All Wires of Resistors

Next solder all wires of resistors as solder in picture according to circuit diagram.

Step 7: Next Solder Input Wire

Next solder voltage input wires as solder in picture according to circuit diagram.

Black wire is -ve and brown wire is +ve input DC power supply.

Step 8: Circuit Is Ready

Now our battery level indicator circuit is ready.Now match circuit according to the circuit diagram and

Give input power supply to the circuit.

NOTE:We can give maximum 15V DC power supply to this circuit.

As in picture when I give above 13V DC input then all 5-LEDs is glowing.

Step 9: We Can See All Voltages Level in Pictures

As in all pictures we can see the different voltages Indicate different LEDs are glowing.

As in picture 1 show when I give above 2V then one LED is glowing,

When I give above 5V then two LEDs are glowing,

when I give 10V then 3-LEDs are glowing,

When I give above 13V then All 5-LEDs are glowing.

Thank you

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    3 Discussions


    1 day ago

    Please note that this is in no way a battery level indicator. 12V batteries and all batteries in general have a very limited voltage range. A 12V battery is full at just under 13V and empty at 10.5V. Charging may take it NEARLY to 15V, but even when fully charged, they will settle to 12.6-12.9V.

    This "indicator" would show:

    5 lights - Probably overcharged, you may be damaging the battery.
    4 lights - almost dead, stop now, and you may have hope of getting significant life out of it, recharge immediately.
    3 lights - beyond dead, you are significantly harming the life of your battery, recharge immediately.
    2 lights - significant permanent damage has occurred, and if you keep doing this, you're going to trash this battery in short order.
    1 light - even more significant permanent damage has occurred, and if you keep doing this, you're going to trash this battery in short order.

    While an interesting exercise, it has no useful applicability to acting as a battery charge level indicator.


    Question 7 weeks ago on Step 2

    Can you please explain this cirtuit diagram


    9 months ago

    does this actually put a testable load on the battery?