Introduction: Battery Percentage Indicator

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Hii friend,

Today I am going to make a Battery level indicator that will show the percentage of up-to 15V Battery.This circuit is very easy to make and it is very cheap.

Let's get started,

Step 1: Take All Parts As Shown Below

Parts required -

(1.) Zero - PCB

(2.) LED -3V x5

(3.) Resistor 1K x5

(4.) Connecting wires

(5.) DC Power supply - upto 15V

Step 2: Solder All Components in PCB

Solder all components in PCB according to this circuit diagram.

Step 3: Insert All LEDs in PCB

Insert all LEDs in PCB in series like circuit diagram.

Step 4: Solder All Wires

Solder all wires of LEDs as solder in picture.

Step 5: Insert All Resistors

Now insert all resistors in pcb as inserted in the picture according to circuit diagram.

Step 6: Solder All Wires of Resistors

Next solder all wires of resistors as solder in picture according to circuit diagram.

Step 7: Next Solder Input Wire

Next solder voltage input wires as solder in picture according to circuit diagram.

Black wire is -ve and brown wire is +ve input DC power supply.

Step 8: Circuit Is Ready

Now our battery level indicator circuit is ready.Now match circuit according to the circuit diagram and

Give input power supply to the circuit.

NOTE:We can give maximum 15V DC power supply to this circuit.

As in picture when I give above 13V DC input then all 5-LEDs is glowing.

Step 9: We Can See All Voltages Level in Pictures

As in all pictures we can see the different voltages Indicate different LEDs are glowing.

As in picture 1 show when I give above 2V then one LED is glowing,

When I give above 5V then two LEDs are glowing,

when I give 10V then 3-LEDs are glowing,

When I give above 13V then All 5-LEDs are glowing.

Thank you