Introduction: Battery Powered Breadboard Charger

This shows how to make a battery powered USB charger.

Step 1: Gather Materials

1.) Toggleswitch 2.) 9v Battery connector 3.) 9v Battery 4.) 22 uF capicitor 5.)5mm Led with 200 ohm resistor 6.)7805 voltage regulator 7.) 10 nF capacitor 8.)2 33k ohm resistors 9.) 2 22k ohm resistors 10.) type a female USB port 11.) breadboard 12.) Jumper wires

Step 2: Connecting the Toggle Switch

Attach the 9v battery connector positive to the input of the switch. Then connect the negative. I attached jumper wires to mine to make it easier to plug in.

Step 3: Connecting Them to the Breadboard

Attach the wires to the breadboard leaving one space inbetween them

Step 4: Attaching the Led

Attach the led light making sure that the negative goes to negative and positive to positive.

Step 5: Placing the Capacitor

Place the 22 uF capacitor after the led making sure the side with the stripe lines up with the negative.

Step 6: Jumping

Attach the jumping wires as shown in the picture above

Step 7: Voltage Regulator

Attach the regulator making sure the positive goes to pin 1 and negative to pin 2.

Step 8: Second Capacitor

Attach the 10 nF capacitor making sure that they line up with pin 2 and pin 3 of the regulator.

Step 9: USB Port

Attach the USB port at the end of the breadboard. Leave 3 spaces between pin 1 and pin 2. Leave 1 space between pin 2 and pin 3. Leave 3 spaces between pin 3 and pin 4

Step 10: Jumping ( Second Time)

Attach a jumper wire after the 10nF capacitor pin that lines up with pin 3 of the regulator. Attach it to pin one of the USB port. Attach the Second wire from the other capacitor pin to the negative pin of the USB

Step 11: 33k Resistor

Attach a 33k resistor to the positive before the USB port. Attach the other end to pin 2 of the USB port

Step 12: 22k Resistor

Attach a 22 k resistor to the negative right before the USB port. Attach in the same hole the 33k is attached to

Step 13: 33k Second Time.

Repeat step 11 but attach it to pin 3

Step 14: 22k Resistor Second Time

Repeat step 12 but attach it to pin 3

Step 15: Test Time :)

This was my first instructable hope you enjoy