Introduction: Battery Powered Raspberry Pi

Here is a very easy way to use a battery to power a Raspberry Pi.

The instructable assumes the Raspberry Pi is configured and running.

Step 1: Gather Parts

Get parts and tools (prices in USD):

    • Working Raspberry Pi
    • Ultra-Slim Cell Phone Portable Charger Li-Polymer Battery Power Bank by Fast Track Energy - Model U35 10000 mAh from Amazon $21.89
    • 6 Inch Micro USB Cable - A to Micro B (UUSBHAUB6 Inch) from Amazon $3.75

    Step 2: Put It All Together

    Charge the battery pack

    Shutdown raspberry pi and unplug from wall outlet

    Plug USB to microUSB into battery pack and into Raspberry Pi

    The Raspberry Pi should run for 8-10 hours

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