Introduction: Battery for GBA Less Than 10€

Do at your own risk.

I'm not liable for any damage cause to your GBA or anything and anyone else.

This task require soldering skills and use battery part, that's not safe.

This is my first project here

Iwas on youtube and i found this Battery mod GBA, pretty cool, but 45$, that's a lot of money and it's destructive (for the shell).

Digging a bit i found here that product had be made around 2017, perhaps that explain the price...

Anyway that sound a nice challenge to do it without breaking anything from the GBA and for less that 10€.

Step 1: Bend the Clip

Follow the pictures

Step 2: Soldering

Follow the pictures.

If you don't make the jumper option, please don't forget to link the two pad together.

Here 2 optional features:

The usb extention, just solder the 2 wire from the 2 pin female connector.

The jumper for long time break: this feature is for when you don't plan to use your GBA for a long time you unplug this jumper.

Step 3: All In

That done.

See the blue light when it's charged and the red when it's charging.