Introduction: Battery Holder From Paper and Copper Tape

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Interested in paper thin electronics? Want to create postcards with LEDs? Then you will appreciate this battery holder. You will need a ruler, cissors, self-adhesive copper tape 5 mm wide, pencils and sheet of paper.

This instructable is designed for CR1216 batteries. To obtain a recipe for CR2025 replace 15 mm by 22 mm throughout the text and modify the lengths of the copper tape segments to 6,6 cm and 2,7 cm.

Step 1: Sketch the Battery Holder on Paper

Draw and cut out a rectangle 4,5 x 3 cm.

Divide it into six squares. Number the squares according to the picture.

Notice that the numbering on the side A goes from left to right. On the side B, the numbering goes from right to left.

Draw blue and red rectangles, they will help you to place the conductive tape correctly.

The width of the rectangles is 5 mm. On side A, their length is 1,5 cm.

On side B, the length of the blue rectangle is 0,5 cm. The length of the red rectangle is 3 cm.

Step 2: Cut Copper Tape and Attach the Strips

Prepare two strips of copper tape - "red" strip with length 4,5 cm and "blue" strip with length 2 cm.

Tape the "red" strip on side B. Start at the edge of square 5. 1,5 cm of the strip should remain untaped.

Bend the strip over the side and tape the remaining part in the square 2 on side A.

Tape the "blue" strip on side A. Start at the edge of square 2. 0,5 cm of the strip should remain untaped.

Step 3: Fold the Battery Holder

Place side A on top. Fold the right column (squares 3 and 6) and place it on top.

Fold the left column (squares 1 and 4) and place it on top.

Fold the bottom row (square 5) and place it on top.

Step 4: Finnishing Touches

Tape the remaining end of the "blue" strip.

Your battery holder is now complete. A battery can be placed inside the "pocket" with copper strips.