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Introduction: Battle-the-Winter Hat

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When the Winter Winds are Icy Cold

You must still Soldier on.

This hat will assure you do it in style.

Step 1: The Hood Section

1. I have a hood that fits great, but has two downsides: Made in China, and 100% polyester, so builds up static easily. I'd much rather have a handmade wool hood, with a lot more personality!

2. For the body of the hood I am using a nice piece of vintage wool, and for the details, wool felt(mustard) and anti-pill fleece(red).

3. I turn the hood inside out and use that for my pattern, cutting out two pieces.

4. The wool hood piece. Place some pins to keep edges even and get ready to sew.

5. Stitch around the hood, front of neck and overcast all raw edges. Turn up bottom hem and stitch. Press all seams.

6. Sew two circular button holes near bottom of face opening, for cord. Stitch casing, about 1" wide, leaving small opening at bottom. Feed cord through bottom hole, through casing, out button holes, and stitch opening closed.

Step 2: Helmet Sides

1.Using chalk, draw out shape for helmet side guards.

2. Cut out 4 pieces

3. Sew the four pieces into two, leaving openings for turning.

4. Turn right side out, pressing all curves nicely.

5. Sew openings closed.

Step 3: Crown Visor

1. Cut out two pieces for the visor and sew together, leaving opening along straight edge. Turn right side out, press and sew opening closed.

2. Try hood on and place side pieces and visor in a placement that fits well.

3. Create buttons with hood with scraps.

4. Sew visor and sides pieces on with button.

Step 4: Red Plume Piece

1. Cut 2 strips 4" wide x 16" long.

2. Pin along hood at center-back seam, starting 2" from front of hood.

3. Stitch through all thicknesses.

4. Stitch through 4 layers of fleece, 1/2" from hood. Cut slits for bristles.

5. Tack visor to hood.

Step 5: Step Out Like a Winter Knight!

And brave the cold in style.

A fun and easy project that can be accomplished in an afternoon.

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