Introduction: Tops

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This Instructable will teach you how to make very easy and simple tops. I used the clear plastic that comes around some things that you buy.

Step 1: Materials

The materials are very easy to find, but you may need to buy something you didn't really want.
1- clear plastic, found around something in stores (I think sd cards have it around them when you buy them).
2- Toothpicks, my toothpicks are square, but you can use round (just not flat).
3- Scissors
4- a round object thats kinda small.
5- a marker or two (depends on how many you want to make), if you use two make sure they are different colors.
That's it.

Step 2: Cut a Circle

Now trace your round object onto the plastic. This will be the size of your top.
Cut on the traced line.

Step 3: Put Toothpick In

Now find the middle of your piece of plastic (doesn't have to be perfect). Put a hole in the middle, I used a small screwdriver. Cut the toothpick in half.
Now slide one half of the toothpick into the hole until it is tight, if it doesn't get tight then you made the hole too big. If its too big the add tape.

Step 4: Spin

Now is the time to test how good it spins. Spin it and if it wobbles then make sure your plastic and toothpick are perpendicular. If it will not stay balanced at all then cut off part of the tip it spins on.

If its not spinning fast, or smooth make the circle smaller, and the toothpick shorter.
If you want true battle tops then make the circle into a saw blade design.