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Introduction: Battledamage / Metal-look

About: 16yrs old. Building Armor out of Aluminium. From Germany. Love to all my Followers and Likers! <3

Today we want to make our Weapons, Armor and Stuff look used. Either you make your Weaponout of Metal and just sharp the paint off, or you use this tutorial how to paint plastic things,

You will need:

  • Paint of choice for primary color
  • silver spraypaint for damaged look
  • hard brush

Step 1: Get Things Started

Make sure your Nerf is dry, you can use every color you want, i prefer black.

Now we spray the silver paint in the cover of the tin. (The paint is called "Felgensilber" in Germany and is used to paint your rim at the car)

Step 2: Painting

Use a rough Brush and dip it in the spraypaint, make sure there is not too much paint on the tip of the brush.

Now you stroke soft over the weapon, you will see it gets little "scratches" wich is the used look.

If you use more paint or push the brush harder, there will be bigger areas of silver, wich looks great at corner and boulders.

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Adika Briikase
Adika Briikase

Reply 7 years ago

A matt-black spraypaint called "ralleystyle-paint"


7 years ago

Looks really nice, but might I suggest an orange cap in case other people think it looks real too ;)