Introduction: Bavièrie Organ With MakeyMakey

Hi there !

Here you will find a simple tutorial to make a sort of organ barrel, revisited with a MakeyMakey kit.

This project was developped during an Instructables Night at Fablab Fribourg (Switzerland) by Julien Minguely (drummer) with my support.

In our case, the audio sequence is a small drums composition cut in a punch card and played through a Scratch Drums Machine.

This app use the arraow keys and space bar of the MakeyMakey Pad as :

Left : Charleston

Right : Snare

Up : Crash

Down : Bass

Space : Bell

Indeed you could use your own punch card and another Scratch app to produce the music sequence you want !

Step 1: Materials

-1 Beer can 0,5 L

- 1 A4 paper sheet or Vinyl sticker instead (better resistance to ripping)

- 1 MDF 4mm slab

- 6 rigid wires (paper clip like)

- 1 MakeyMakey kit

- An hot glue gun

- A computer running Scratch in a browser (

- Cutter

- Tape

- Sander machine

Step 2: Cutting Structure

Cut the structure of the organ in the MDF slab according to the .dxf attached. We use a laser cutter Speedy 300 for this operation.

Do the same for the punch card in paper or vinyl sticker sheet.

Black hatch are for engraving, blue and green vectors for cutting.

Assemble the structure and glue it.

Step 3: Wires

Bare the wires and glue them on the rectangular piece, on each engraved mark.

Fold the wires with an angle of more or less 75 degrees.

Bend the extremity of the wire in order to not rip the punch card.

Link aligator clips with the wires as :

Left :Charleston

Right : Snare

Up : Crash

Down : Bass

Space : Bell

Step 4: Punch Card

Take a break, drink your beer and then, sand the beer can to remove all the non-conductive paint on the the surface.

Drill the bottom of the can and put the crack handle inside, use the hot glue gun to hold it strongly.

Roll up the punch card around the can and fix it with tape (in the case you use a paper sheet).

Finally, slide the can inside the MDF structure.

Step 5: Connections

Put the rectangular piece with the wires on the allowed notch of the structure.

Fold another wire and fix it to the side of the structure. Be careful that the wire has to be always in contact with the side of the can during the rotation.

Connect the MakeyMakey to the computer, open Scratch, turn the bracket, and enjoy the sound !

Now you can take another beer, you deserve it and it's for a good cause ;).