Introduction: Bazaarbash on a Nomansland

Sometimes you walk through the city and come across a beautiful stretched out space. A nomansland. Hidden and abandoned. It exists but it's in between stages of time and use.
Let's do something positive with it!

A bazaarbash is an activity you can organize on such a nomansland. With this intervention in the public space, you can attract a bunch of people and maybe upgrade the area and influence others to
organize more activities. For this bazaarbash you will need a couple of tools to get started.
I will give you some pointers and examples of my private bazaarbash.

< this instructable is part of an assignment from the first module public space at the Design academy in Eindhoven which had the theme nomansland>

Step 1: Checklist - Where to Start?

What do you need? I will brainstorm with you.

> location
> entrance
> booth
> goods
> route
> invitations
> ambiance like music, decoration, food, performances
> people that sell
> people that buy
> packaging material

For inspiration go to the week market, flee markets or garage sales in your neighborhood.

Step 2: Expedition - Finding the Perfect Location

I suggest to grab a backpack and fill it with your camera, measuring tape, paper and pencil and don't forget a bottle of water and lunch. You can walk around but by bike you can scout more and faster.

Think of the following things:

> Is your location visible? Can a passer-by see you clearly?
> Is it accessible to everyone? It shouldn't be dangerous for kids, eldery people nor yourself.
> What is the surface? Concrete, ground, rocks...garbage.
> Is there an entrance? Do you need to force a fence or cut bushes?
> Check out if you need a permit or permission of the surrounding residents.
> See if you can meet people to tell you something about the location.

I chose a field with a demolished squat house on it. There are fences around the whole perimeter, because in the future there will start a housing project. (See pictures) I analyzed the characteristics of the nomansland to see what the possibilities are.

Step 3: Designing Your Booth

Now that you found your location, you need to figure out how you are going to present your goods.

> Do you need a platform? For example a table
> Do you use the ground?
> Do you need to hang stuff?

Think of the size of your goods and how you are going to transport them to the location.(See sketch)

I chose to use the ground. I like picnicking and the good times you have enjoying the good weather and being close to the people when sitting on the ground. Because the ground is bumpy I need a tarpaulin or some sort of cloth to cover the surface. I decided to find some sort of waterresistent covering. It stays clean and strong. Of course I tried other materials like plastic shopping bags and garbage bags and I also got a natural carpet made of canelike material.

The next step for me was to decide the measurements. I did some research on the Japanese tatami system.
So I made rectangles of 90cm x 180cm which I could lay in a pattern. (See gif animation)

To transport this tarpaulin I thought of different carriers. (See pictures.) The final one is an easy to sew bag. I would recommend to look at the instructable furoshiki

Step 4: Decision-making-time - Invitations

You have the location, you have your goods packaged and protected, you have your booth, now you need to decide when you want to have the bazaarbash.

> Who do you want to invite? Who is going to sell with you? Are they making their own tarpaulin?
> What is the weather prospect? Check or some other weather related website

Have fun designing the invitation or flyer.
Don't forget the date, time, address, title.

Distribute the invitations on time!

Step 5: Detailling

The bazaarbash could enclude a whole lot of extra activities to attract people.

> Make a sign to attract attention.

I made the letters b a z a a r out of textile and hung them up. (See picture)

> You could think of decorations. Flags, balloons etc.

I invited my friend to place her flagproject at my bazaar.
Here is her instructable reclaiming waste(d) land It's a party already!

> Make a big entrance. Roll down a red carpet, make a simple gateway, groom a path with ribbons, or place torches.

I made a welcome mat made out of plastic ribbons. (See picture) I attached colorful flags to sticks beside the path.

> Make some delicious cookies and present them at the entrance. People tend to have a sweettooth somewhere.

I made a cart ( the instructable is in Dutch so don't comment anymore about that please!!)
This is the instructable koek en zopie kar

>You can have a band playing live or bring a portable radio with you.

> Make noise! Have fun, dance and meet the people that are curious enough to come to be a star at your bazaarbash.

Step 6: Bazaarbash-day!

The day has come and you are packing your gear.
I hope you have help from your friends to transport everything to the location.

Enjoy and let me know how YOUR BASH went.

Be happy :)

ps: as you can see, my bash drowned in an afternoon of rain combined with a lot of wind.
So I suggest:

DO it in the summertime!!!