Introduction: Be Prepared!

This instructable will show you what you may need to be prepared for disasters such as a blackout, flood, or earthquake etc.

Step 1: What to Put in a Cabinet

We keep a gallon of water, peanut butter, canned beans, canned oranges, and crackers for food in case of a blackout or some disaster that might happen. We have a few flashlights and candles in case of a power outage. There is a first aid kit in case of someone who needs care from just needing a bandage or needing something completely wrapped up. This insures us that we will be prepared for many different disasters. 

Step 2: Prices

A 170 piece Johnson and Johnson first aid kit is about $10. A flashlight could probably be found for about $10. Canned oranges and canned beans are about $1 a can. Crackers are probably $3 a box.

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