Introduction: Be a Lunch Hero

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This is a simple way to amaze your kids at lunch time and get them excited about eating. A little creativity will make you a hero in the kitchen or by the BBQ.

Also see how to be a breakfast hero

It all starts with simple hot dogs.

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Step 1: The Cuts

Everyone knows that when you cook a hot dog, it swells up. Enough swelling and it splits open. We can control these splits by making our own cuts through the skin.

I would advise caution in holding the knife as I do. You could use an exacto knife or wrap a bit of masking tape around some of the blade to protect your hand.

Experiment with the depths of the cuts as the deeper cuts equal more splitting

Step 2: Before Cooking

Here are some examples of designs you could try. The last one is my favorite but I have to admit the idea is not mine (It came from a friend) The octopus only has four legs so it is really a quadropus but if you try to cut 8 legs I find they curl too much and don't look good.

Step 3: Cooked

Here they all are ready to eat. We don't normally hide them in buns but who am I to tell you how to eat a hot dog?

Step 4: The Payoff

This is why I do it!

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