Beach Candle Beautiful & Relaxing DIY

Introduction: Beach Candle Beautiful & Relaxing DIY

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Hi Guys ...

since it's summer I wanted 2 share this easy DIY with u :)

I Call It "The Beach Candle" it's so beautiful and relaxing ...

to make it .. you only need some candles , beach sand , some shells & a small plate or you can use an empty candle glass jar .

you just start by filling half of your plate with sand ,then put your candle first .. and start arranging the shells around it as you like

and your DONE !!
HOW EASY IS THAT !!!!?? :) :) :)

PLZ Watch my Video to See How I did mine .

just an extra tip : put some glitter in the sand for a charming reflect of light & color .

the cool thing about this is .. that you can make it anyway you like , you can put it anywhere in your home & it will make a great and different decoration item .

if you make it i would love to see it , so plz share ..

have a nice day u all :)

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    4 years ago

    Did you put glitter in it?I'd like mine to look a lot like yours.