Beach Chair Cart - a Rolling Sling Chair



Introduction: Beach Chair Cart - a Rolling Sling Chair

Being at the beach is one of the treasures of life. But hauling chairs, a cooler, umbrella, towels, blankets, etc. is a true drag. Small folding chairs are also pretty lousy and uncomfortable, so I wanted to build a comfortable sling chair that also functioned as a cart to haul everything to the water.

This project was done on my typical dirt cheap budget. The wheels were home built using inner tubes bought on eBay. The wheel hubs were cut on my small CNC but they could just as easily be cut using a band saw, scroll saw, or hand held jig saw.

All of the parts were purchased at the local hardware store.

The wheel and axle assembly (the axle is just a thick 1" dowel rod) can come off in about 15 seconds and are attached with two thumb screws.

When folded the chair is a touch under 4' so it can fit in most trunks.

The chair/cart turned out better than I had expected. It's very strong, extremely lightweight, rolls like it's on air - yeah, I guess it is, and can carry a lot of stuff. The big inflatable tires won't dig in on soft sand. My next step is to build more chairs to stack on top of the rolling one.

The video shows the process. Thanks for taking a look!

Video link:

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