Introduction: Bead Panda for WWF

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You can make this panda step by step very easily, unfortunately I hadn't a good camera that time so sorry if some images are not clear.

Step 1: Making the Nose

make a small square head of the panda which includes only the nose of it.

Step 2: Making the Head

Take a TAP and cut its head only, from the half as in figure and then cover the tap with the bead nose and make a head.

Step 3: Making Body

I took a plastic bottle and cut it so it was like a cylinder and then I used a wet floor to make its shape look like a real and then covered it with tape.

Step 4: Making Legs

I made legs from pencils in the middle surrounded by the beads and then make its ring so that can fit in to the waist of the panda and finally connect the legs with head/ neck.

Step 5: Beading Whole Body

In final stage, cover the remaining portion with the beads and Tadaaaa.... here is your panda ready. I made this for WWF-NGO but you can make it of your names also.

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