Introduction: Beaded Bordered Chevron Friendship Bracelet

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This is a fun and easy friendship bracelet - feel free to leave out the beads, or border. Before you attempt this, you'll want to know how to make friendship bracelet knots. To learn how, go here:

If you want to buy this from me, here is the link to buy them:

I hope you enjoy this Instructable!

Step 1: Materials

4 60" strings of embroidery floss (all different colors)

safety pin

12 small beads

Step 2: Measure Embroidery Floss

Measure and cut 4 colors of 60" embroidery floss. Fold the four strings in half, and tie a knot at the top, forming a small loop.

Step 3: Seperate Strings

Stick a safety pin through the knot and attach it to your jeans, or to a pillow on your lap. Then seperate your eight strings as shown in picture. Choose which color you want for the border and have them on the outside.

Step 4: Begin Knotting

Begin knotting by taking the two strings (they should be the same color) next to the out side strings (Which will be used later for the border) and knot them down into a chevron, leaving the two outside strings. Then take one of the outside strings (right or left, it doesn't matter) and make one inside knot and one outside knot on sting next to it. Do this on both outside strings. Eventually, this will form the border.

Step 5: Adding Beads

Continue doing step four until you have 8-9 chevrons. Then, thread three beads onto the two middle strings (you can use a needle if you need to). Leaving out the outside strings again, and using the two strings in between the outside strings and the beads, make one inside knot with one of the strings, then one inside knot with the other. Do this on both sides several times until the knots are about the same length as the beads.

Step 6: Continue Pattern

Make a chevron below your beads with your next color. Don't forget to add the border! Continue established pattern until your bracelet is as long as you want it. Then tie a knot at the end, trim ends, and your bracelet is complete!

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