Introduction: Beaded Wine Glass Markers/charms

This is how to make shape wine glass markers/charms.  

The basic shape is a triangle of beads, so you could also make them into a necklace pendant, earrings, beaded bunting or (my mother's suggestion!) - a bikini!?!

Step 1:

To start, you will need, 3  piles of different colour beads of the same size.  They must be exactly the same size or it will warp.  Some beading thread, a beading needle, scissors, open jump rings, pliers, and some wine glass charm rings.

Start by threading 3 beads of the same colour onto the thread, bring your needle through them all again and tie off so they pull around to form a tiny triangle.

I then usually bring the thread through them all again and pull a little to hide the knot in a bead.

Step 2:

To continue, add 2 beads, stick with the same colour for now.  Then feed the needle through the next bead along your triangle.  Then add 2 beads again, through the next bead along your triangle and then 2 more and through the last bead of your triangle.  

At this point, you can see your 3 starting beads, surrounded with 6 further beads.  Bring your needle up through the next bead along (this bead is the first one of the sets of 2 that you put on).  This is called 'stepping up' - it means that your thread is now emerging from a 'point' of the triangle shape.

To continue, stick with the same colour again and start by putting 2 beads on your thread.  Bring the needle through the next bead (this forms the next level's triangle point).  Then add one bead.

Continue in the same manner, adding 2 beads at each corner, just one bead as you progress along the edges, then 'step up' as you finish each round.  Swap colours about every 3 rows. 

Step 3:

When you have added as many rows as you want, tie off by bringing your needle under some thread in the last row and tie, do this twice, then run the needle through a few beads along the edge, so that you're not cutting the thread right next to the knot (it can come undone).

Step 4:

Use pliers to open a jump ring.

Look at your finished triangle, where the edges meet, there should be a row of tiny gaps,  choose one 2 rows on and gently feed your jump ring into the gap.

Add the wine glass charm ring and use the pliers to close the jump ring.


Get used to this design, then you can try to change the way you add the beads to make other patterns.