Introduction: Bean Boozled 3rd Edition Spinning Wheel 16 Flavors

When you buy the small package of Bean Boozled 3rd Edition, tere is no wheel. So today I'm gonna teach you to make a wheel with a free download of template. So let's start.

Step 1: Materials

Materials you will need:

-Pliers(to make folding of paperclip easier)

- duct tape (just a small one)



- Bean boozled wheel temlate

- Perforated Cardboard (A small one just the size of a short bond paper)

- paper clip

Step 2: Gluing and Cutting

Glue the template onto the cardboard and cut it out

Step 3: Shaping

Using the pliers (or if you can do it using your hand), fold the paper clip into an L shape. Then make a curl like shape onto the short end of the paperclip. The illustration given will help you.

Step 4: Piercing

Using the paper clip's sharp end, pierce a hole in the middle of the arrow and the wheel. You can adjust the paper clip if the short end with the curl is too long.

Step 5: Sticking......DONE

Stick the duct tape on the back of the cardboard where the lng end of the pepr clip is. Done!!! Easy-peasy

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