Introduction: Bear Bell Paracord Ankle Strap

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I like walking through the woods. The fewer people I see the better.

Too make my presents known; I will wear a bell around my boot.

I read that you should wear something noisy to scare away the bears. Some people feel this does not scare anything away, it actually alerts animals - like a dinner bell. I also like to wear rubber boots, just as a laugh I like to think that when I get eaten by a bear; the bear will tell a story of how chewy I was.

I also like this setup to let the hunters or target shooters know that I walk among them. If you ever had a bullet wiz by your head you understand. I do not deliberately go out during hunting season. People shoot almost daily where I live.

The paracord strap, gives that additional benefit of carry a useful cord. I selected the blaze bar knot, because of its quick release for access to the full length of the cord. I also used Velcro for ease of removal of the strap to get to and from the trail head.

Please note; this was a challenge to write.

Step 1: Gather Items Up for 15 Inch Long Adjustable Ankle Strap

I took a piece of cord and wrapped it around my boot to come up with the size of 15 inches for my strap.

I subtracted approximately 3 inches for the rings and Velcro.


I started with a 18 foot blaze orange paracord with sealed ends

Two bells – I used a 1 ¼ inch and 1 inch

Split ring - approximately 1 inch in diameter

Binder ring - approximately 1 inch in diameter

Velcro- 8 inch long by ½ inch wide (the type used to wrap strap for cables, wires, cords etc…)


Hook or peg

Lighter to seal paracord ends

Step 2: Getting Started

I put two bells on the split ring first. You might want to wait to do this; because the bells ring with every movement of the cord.

Find a hook or peg to secure one end of the project.

I used my hemostats in a hole of my desk.

Find the center of the 18 foot paracord by the old shoe lace method – hold the loose ends together and work back to the other end. This makes two equal 9 foot lengths of cord.

Put loop end through the bell split ring, then run the two loose ends through the end loop and synch up to the bell ring

This synch will make a cow hitch

Step 3: Beginning of the Blaze Bar Knot

From the measurement taken from the length of ankle boot distance; I calculated the working length.

(15 inches – 3 inches for rings and Velcro = 12). So with the working length of 12 inches I measured from the
ring (note picture shows 9 inches I added 3 for the body of tape measure.)

Pulled both cords out to 12 inches, pinch and bring back cords to the bell ring.

You will now have two 12 inch loops (I will call them Left 12 and Right 12)

The two loose cords (I call them left loose and right loose).

Start the knot at the 1 inch split ring separate the all the cords - the lefts from the rights.

Take left loose and go over left 12, right 12 and right loose and hold with fingers.

Step 4: Knoting Over and Over Again

Start left

Left loose over left 12 then under right 12 and put over right loose.

Take right loose over right 12 inch under left 12 and put thru left loose loop from under (or up thru rabbit hole)

Push up towards the bell split ring and Synch

Do again but start with R loose under right 12 over left 12 under left loose --- now under
Left 12 ---over right 12 ---thru the loose loop on right from top (or down thru rabbit hole)

Push up towards the bell split ring and Synch

Repeat until you get approximately 1 inch left over of the right 12 and left 12.

This is where, I suggest watching some of the videos posted on youtube. Note: I do not have a video.

Step 5: Getting to the End

Repeat the knotting until you get approximately 1 inch left over of the right 12 and left 12.

You should have two little loops on the end.

I had approximately 4.5 inches remaining of the left loose and right loose for the
finish knots.

The distance of left loose and right loose should vary based on how tight you synch the knotting.

Create a finish knot with Left loose and Right loose, then separately put one loop over the right 12 and left 12

Synch the loop knots to finish the ends.

Step 6: Add Ring and Velcro

I tucked the Left loose and Right loose back into existing knots to make a cleaner look.

Opening the 1 inch binder ring, I put the two end loops of Right 12 and L 12 through - and closed

Then I added the velcro section to the 1 inch binder ring.

I did not have any paracord left over; so I did not
have to cut and melt the end (It was already done).

The rings and velcro can be used for other applications in the event you need the cord.

There you have it.

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