Introduction: Beard Oil

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Spoil yourself or someone you like with this organic and nice beard oil

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

In this recipe we used different herbs, fruits and spices that we infused our oil with but you can use extracts if you want to save time. Just remember to use food grade ingredients, some essential oils might irritate the skin.

You will need:

A bottle to store your infusion in,

A bottle for your finished beard oil


A mortar

A filter

A thermometer

The ingredients in the oil:

An organic neutral oil as a base (we used a mix of 60% almond oil and 40% corn oil)

Orange peal - for the fruity zest scent

Pine needles and fresh shoots - for the nice smell as well as some resin for stronger beard

Thuja (a kind of cypress) - same as above

Cardamom - for the scent

Sage - for the scent and soothing properties

Lavender - for the scent and medicinal properties

Thyme - for the scent

Star anise - for the scent

Jasmine oil - for the scent

Vitamin E - For stronger beard as well as preserving the scents

Step 2: Mix It Up

<< If you only are using essential oils you can skip this step! >>

Chop, crush and mix the spices, pine needles and some orange zest and mix it with the oil.

Save the jasmine oil and vitamin E for later.

You can use any other spices and herbs of your taste, it's up to you to experiment.

Gently heat the oil mixture in a pan. Never let it get hotter than that you can out your finger in it ca 35-40 degrees centigrade. Keep it warm for about half an hour then pour everything over to a storage bottle and let mature for three days.

Step 3: Almost Done!

After three days pour the oil through the filter into a container to get rid of all the spices and herbs.

Now you can add a few drops of vitamin E and some drops of the jasmine oil.

If you are using any other essential oils now is the time for them as well.

Pour everything into an air tight bottle and user your oil as you please!

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