Introduction: Beard Outliner Tool

This outliner tool will help you to cut a good and easy outline for your beard to keep it clean.

Very good when you don't have time to go to the barber.

Step 1: BOM

You'll only need access to a 3D printer and a razor to build and use this tool. A bushy beard is also helpful.

If you wanna customize the tool, you can use any 3D CAD software you want. I used Fusion 360 to make it.

Step 2: Pick a Style

I'm uploading 3 different styles, but you can customize the tool to fit your beard.

Make it bigger, shorter. Add more curve, make it straight.

Style A:

Style B:

Style C:

If you just want to print a certain style as it is, download it in STL format.

(You can download each file and modify it in your favorite software.

Step 3: Print It

With the STL file ready, send it to your 3D printer's software to slice it.

Print it with 100% infill (it's only 1mm tall).

Step 4: Use It!

With the outliner ready, it's time to use it!

You'll use it to shave one cheek at a time.

FIrst, place the top 'hook' over an ear.

Then, rotate the tool and align the front end to a feature of your face such as your nose, where your lips meet, where your moustache currencly is, etc. Just so that when you move to the other cheek, you know at what height to hold the tool.

With the tool hooked to your ear and aligned, keep a steady grip and shave any exposed hairs on you cheek.

Move to the other cheek and repeat. That easy!

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