Introduction: Beast From Beauty and the Beast Body Paint

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This was a fun random look! please subscribe to my YouTube page! I could really use your help. <3 any suggestions? Let me know!

Step 1: Outline

so first I took this white eyeliner pencil from essence and sketched out my idea. This helps took map out the look and decreases the potential to mess up.

Step 2: Light Brown

next I took a light brown color, I mixed it together myself with brown, white, and yellow body paint from Mhron, and I painted my nose, upper lip, checks, and eyebrows.

Step 3: Dark Brown

taking a dark brown body paint from Mehron I placed that all over the rest of my face except the lip, nose, and teeth.

Step 4: Nose Shadowing

Using brown eye shadow to start reshaping my nose and shadowing around the nostrils. I also got a little black eye shadow to deepen up any spots I felt needed it.

Step 5: Nose Details

I filled in the nose with a dark brown body paint from mehron, then I filled in my nostrils with black body paint. after that I again shadowed around the nose more.

Step 6: Reason Details

Using brown body paint I outlined the eyebrows. I used black eyeshadow to contour the cheeks and add depth to the eye sockets.

Step 7: Random Thing

I used black eye shadow to mange this forehead thing.

Step 8: Mouth

I filled in the teeth with white body paint, then I cooked in the lip with a red brown body paint.

Step 9: Body

I painted white yellow and blue body paint for the main colors of the jacket. I also used gray and black eyeshadow to shadow.

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